Nothing in this story is from real life.

Once upon a time, there was a man – let’s call him Sven – and he wanted to write beautiful stories for his blog. Sven noticed he was not getting much traffic from Google, but other bloggers seemed to attract visitors. He wondered what he was doing wrong. One day, at a blogging conference Sven heard about a wonderful thing called SEO. He learned that he should use the words his audience was using, he learned he needed to think about the words he wanted to be found for. And he needed to use those exact words. It was a game changer for Sven. After applying these simple tips, Sven attracted much more traffic to her blog. Eventually, he even started making money with the blog.

Sven blogged happily ever after.

Stories are nice to read. Storytelling is a great tactic. But what does it have to do with SEO? Is it a good idea to use storytelling if your main goal is to rank for a specific term? In this blog post, the fourth in a series about storytelling, I am going to explain how storytelling can be an effective SEO tactic.

Storytelling and SEO may seem counterintuitive
An important part of SEO is focused on using the right words – the words you want to be found for- in your text. But if you use storytelling, if you use metaphors. If you tell a story by making an example, chances are that you are not using your focus keyphrase then.

At the beginning of the post you are reading right now, I shared a little story about Sven. In that story, I am not using my focus keyphrase – the words I want to rank with, with this particular post. I want to rank with ‘storytelling SEO’. But in the entire first paragraph, the word ‘storytelling’ does not pop up. That, in itself, is not beneficial for your SEO. Some SEO plugins will suggest using the focus keyword in your first paragraph. So, you’ll have one bullet that’ll not turn green. That’s okay. It is totally okay to have a paragraph – or two – that does not contain the focus keyphrase.

So why is storytelling a good SEO tactic?
Storytelling is good for SEO because it will make your post nice to read. And, creating content that people like is exactly what Google wants. If you’re writing blog posts people enjoy reading, you’ll increase your chances to rank high in Bing and Google. If people like your content, you’ll also have a higher chance that people will remain on your website. Your time on page increases and your bounce rate will decrease. These factors will help tremendously with the ranking of your post.

Next to making your blog post more fun to read, storytelling is beneficial for SEO for another reason. If people like your post, they’ll be more likely to engage with it. They’ll leave a comment; they’ll share it on their social platforms. That’ll already increase traffic to your post. But these things will also increase the likelihood Google will rank a post.

Google loves content that is written with people in mind. Google will notice that people like to read your text and that will result in higher rankings in the long run.

Use little stories as metaphors and examples. It’ll make your content so much nicer to read. Don’t worry about having an orange or red bullet. As long as your overall bullet in Yoast SEO is green, it’ll work out fine. Stories are beneficial for your SEO, more beneficial than a perfect keyword density or keyword distribution. Storytelling will allow you to write content that is so good that people will want to stay on your page. That’s very, very good for SEO!




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For your brand to really thrive online,

your website needs to be smart, flexible, and future-proof — with the right balance of brilliant design and clean functionality.


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